About the company


Welcome to the website of "Alfa Project" company!


Alfa Project LTD is a distribution company specializing in hi-tech medical equipment for various fields as well as designing medical clinics of any specialization, their construction and complex equipment in accordance with the latest innovations of the Russian and global medical science.


We take our own niche in the market which is being a supplier of the newest and the most modern equipment which would in future become indispensable in any up-to-date medical clinic. Thus collaboration with us helps our clients to be always informed about the freshest offers of the innovative medicine world.


Apart from the equipment sales we also provide a wide range of services including consulting, technical support, service maintenance and staff training. We have proved our reliability while working at complex projects including both equipment delivery and the whole variety of collateral services. Regardless of the project volume and complicacy we are always reliable, proactive and ready to propose a number of solutions and implement them in line with the wishes of any client, even the most exigent one.

These are just some of the directions of our work:

- Simulation centres: full equipment of training centres for medical staff specializing in various medical fiels using mannequins and phantoms designed exclusively for the particular training needs;

- Reproductive technologies: full design of IVF-specialized clinics both in private and public sector, including full staff training and creation of fully operational workflow ‘from scratch’;


- Innovative meal distribution system: equipment of kitchens with functional kitchen devices and organization of hi-end system of ‘tableted nutrition’ with personalized delivery of hot and cold meals directly to the patient;


- Medical staff training: we organize both training of doctors/nurses and of medical managers. The training subject may vary – from training on usage of new equipment to training on the organizational aspects of a modern clinic daily functioning. We have a unique possibility to organize the courses in hospitals abroad so that our clients can share their experience with their colleagues from other countries.

We are proud of our united and highly qualified team – people who are constantly developing and finding new ideas to propose to our clients and to help to realize them. We will promptly answer any of your questions and find the solutions to any of your tasks.

Alfa Project – solutions for the medicine of tomorrow!